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Boat & Crew

Queen Whale

Queen Whale is our main whale watching boat. It is a 57ft length and 20ft width luxury catemaron boat with speed 18knots per hour.(powering with Yamaha 385hp two engine units) We are an authorised tour operator and this boat can facilitate 150 passengers but considering your comfort and tour quality we arrange the tour only for 45 people.

We provide tea/coffee in the morning and We prepare your breakfast hot and fresh in our boat. The Breakfast consists of an Egg Sandwich, Fried Sausages, Cake , Banana , Pineapple and bottle of Water. On our way back to the harbor we will serve you Fruits, Rotti with Sambal, Coca Cola and king coconut. Our boat consist with comfortable seats , onboard wash room facilities and resting area you can share the facilities in the boat with other passengers.

whale watching boat
whale watching boat
whale watching boat
whale watching boat

Tour Captain

Our boat captain Rangana Manoj has more than 15 years’ of experience in sailing in the southern sea area in Sri Lanka and he is working as the boat captain for seven years in whale watching boats.

Tour Captain - Rangana Manoj
Tour crew with Rangana Manoj

The Crew

Our boat crew consists of eight members and they are well trained and experienced in conducting whale watching tours and facilitating onboard passengers.

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